about Nev`s

about Nev`s

about Nev`s


Absinthe in premium quality

Nev`s corresponds to the highest quality, also "Absinthe suisse" called!

A special feature is entirely handmade from misreading the ingredients (organic and environmentally safe), on the distillation and coloring, bottling and labeling, to packaging. Even the design of the performance of our Nev`s, the cap of the bottle, the label and the packaging were designed by ourselves.

Distilled is our Green Fairy Absinthe from large, pontic wormwood, anise, Fenchelsamem, Anise hyssop, Calamus root, Angelica herb, licorice root and other ingredients. We distill in our small factory in several hundred years old DC-distillation process in which we do without high-tech production methods. The output (distillation process) is carried out by our distiller Sven still like 100 years ago on smell and taste carefully. Pre- and post are very generous cut to give only the perfect centerpiece of the distillate for subsequent, more month aging.

our Absinthe is inked in a costly, special hot extraction method using the coloring herbs mint, lemon balm and Lemonysop.

Please store your Nev`s dark!

To make this easier, but also to get that Absinthe in strong green to your home, we opted for a noble wood packaging. Due to the staining using fresh, green herbs, it may come in time to a color change of noble spirit. This is due to decomposition of the coloring chlorophyll under the influence of light. This process is a quality characteristic of a natural Absinthe!

Incidentally, the herb wormwood, Anisysop, mint, lemon balm and Lemonysop are grown on!