from Genever Gin was
The success story of Gin goes on medical Francois de la Boe (also: Franciscus Sylvius, from 1614 to 1672) back. Around the year 1650 around he developed in Holland drops based on alcohol and juniper, which should be used for stomach problems. He christened the drink the name Genever, who is still connected commonly and inseparably with gin. However, the genever should be no pharmaceutical success story, but soon move an alcoholic beverage base of the drunkards in the taverns of Holland.
His triumph came the Genever as British military troops that supported the Dutch in the Spanish-Dutch war, took the juniper drink with the native island. There, the Genever was quickly renamed to the British equivalent of "Gin".

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A Gin - arose out of pure passion!

From craftsmanship tradition consciousness, it is important to us despite our own recipe to make the basic character of Gin acceptable again. The taste of today diverse receivable Gin has often nothing in common with its origin. He was unfortunately adapted little by little to the broad general taste.

We, however, offer significant Wacholderaromatik as required by the descent from the gin. In our recipe, the basic characteristic is embedded in fresh coriander and 19 other botanicals that give the EGO Dry Gin an incomparable harmony on the palate.

A distinct aroma of coriander is our specialty!

By the way, the name "EGO" is Latin and means "I".
We have given this name to our gin after a quotation
from our distiller: "Distilling is in my blood, it comes from my soul.
It's a part of me. You can read it from my fingerprint.
This is my ego! "
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