About us

About us


We run our small distillery as pure family, pure passion in addition to a full-time occupation.

Full-time, we are working for a large dairy company, where we are responsible for the production of baby food with for about 20 years. I myself, Sven had, a technical apprenticeship, working since I graduated but consistently in the field of food production. My wife Susann has completed training for food laboratory assistant, then studied for several years in the laboratory food on their quality and is now for many years in charge of the production.

We have always been very much fallen into the hands of homegrown fruit Spirits and liqueurs hergestellt.Vor is about 4 years forward to a flea market in Erfurt a book about traditional distillery knowledge. We were fascinated by distilling the original method, without the usual today Hightech - Distilleries.

After the founding of our company, which Thuringian customs legislation is necessarily compulsory distillation permission, we acquired a coppersmith from Austria a firing plant according to almost historic model. For the past several years, we indulge our passion to produce high-quality distillates.

For us it's in the distillation to the art of capturing aromas of nature, to combine and to conserve. We want to offer our customers the flavors of our earth and your products a pleasure!

Since we are from the food industry, it is an inner need for us to do better!

That is for us, no chemicals, no artificial or nature identical flavors. Even for the purification of the still and all means of production we use only natural citric acid to avoid transmission of chemicals on the distillate.

We produce our products entirely by hand. The distillation is traditionally in a copper kettle over flavor helmet, spirit pipe and cooler in the DC-distillation process. We leader and trailer are generously separated during power take-off to catch only the perfect means for running a terrific taste and to give to mature. The quality control of the raw materials, through the maceration and the distillation and maturation, through to fine distillate as the final product is at any given time to a maximum of a high level.

We always try the best raw materials, of course, in biologically and ecologically sound quality to find our products.

Ingredients for which the climatic conditions of our country are likely originate from own cultivation. Thanks to our own cultivation of raw materials, the personal bond to finished fine distillate is very high.
In our work we are not only careful with our raw materials and products. It is a special concern not sustainable without harming the nature of our actions, because only a healthy environment our distillery and thus our customers can deliver and delight with terrific products.
Even if we only use ingredients that are traceable carry the organic label from us, we have not applied for a Biosiegel for our end products. We as producers can not guarantee our customers that as Pontic wormwood from Ukraine was actually cultivated biologically.
We want to remain credible.
Very happy we answer your questions about how we work or our raw materials available!